Monday 28th October 2019 

20:00 O'clock

Rustaveli Theater, Small Hall

Rustaveli Ave. N17
Tbilisi, Georgia

In 2019 the association "Vivace" (Switzerland) celebrated its 10th anniversary, UNICEF Switzerland/Liechtenstein looked back on 60 year history and 30 years ago the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. At the same time, the Swiss Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia, opened its new embassy building.


On the occasion of these anniversaries the association "Vivace" organized a Charity concert at the Rustaveli National Theater (Tbilisi, Georgia) on 28th October 2019. One of the most prestigious stages in Georgia, where a number of world-class musicians have already performed.


The concert was also attended by politicians and National Councillors from Switzerland and Georgia.


The concert was broadcasted on TV in Georgia and accompanied by the press.

Through this charity concert we support Georgian children and youth in the field of education and musical promotion. The donations went equally to Georgian UNICEF for Education programs and the association "Vivace".

Young music competition winners from Switzerland and Georgia

performed together with "Georgian Sinfonietta"

Alexander Sahatci
Alexander Sahatci

Piano 13 years old 1st Prize - Steinway Competition 1st Prize - International Competition Val de Travers 1st Prize - Swiss competition 1st Prize - Robert Schumann competition 1st - Prize Nice Côte d’Azur Piano Competition Totally 15 Iternational Prizes

Artur Traelnes
Artur Traelnes

Violin 17 years old 1st Prize - Swiss Competition 1st Prize - International Città di Bardolino Competition 1st Prize - Riviera Music Competition 3rd Prize - Tibor Violin Competition 1st Prize - Giovanni Musicisti International competition 1st Prize - Premio Rotary per la Musica

Tjasha Gafner
Tjasha Gafner

Harp 20 years old 1st Prize - Swiss Competition 1st Prize - Felix Godefroid Competition in Belgium 1st Prize - Suoni d’Arpa in Milan 2nd Prize - International Lily Laskine competition in Paris 1st Prize - Martine Géliot in Paris 1st Prize - Concours du Jura

Ganvai Friedrich
Ganvai Friedrich

Trumpet 14 years old 1st Prize - Swiss Competition 1st Prize - „Jugend musiziert“ Germany 3rd Prize - RisingStars competition for young musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 1st Prize - „Jugend komponiert“ Germany 2nd Prize - Competition ICTUS in Philadelphia 2nd prize - Northcompetition in Scandinavia

Nana Goliadze
Nana Goliadze

Flute 16 years old Grand Prix - Mozart international competition Grand Prix - Mikeladze chamber music Competition 1st Prize - Tbilisi International Competition 2st Prize - American Protege International competition "Carnegie Hall" 2nd Prize - Interntional Music Competition Citta di Padova

Sandro Nebieridze
Sandro Nebieridze

Piano 18 years old Grand Prix - “Grand Piano Competition” 1st Prize - Astana Piano Passion 1st prize -“Sberbank-Debut” 1st Prize - Dvarionas Piano Competition


Georgian Sinfonietta

Georgian Sinfonietta has performed in celebrated venues such as Konzerthaus Berlin, Concertgebouw Amsterdam. It aims to deliver most diverse repertoire at the highest artistic level. In 2015, the orchestra founded Tbilisi Baroque Festival, which will be held annually. Sinfonietta has collaborated with C. Busch, C. Mayer, J. Savall, S. Azzolini, J. Rondeau, D. Amadio, C. von Kerssenbrock, among others.

Tamara Kordzadze

Tamara Kordzadze

Pianist, Founder and President of Association Vivace.

1st prizes at numerous national and international piano competitions. She was also awarded as "the best performer of a classical sonata", "the best performer of a Debussy prelude" and "the special critics prize". 

She has performed in concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, Grand Theatre del Liceu, Tonhalle Zurich and in many countries


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